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The Platform

Information about how things work together


How it all fits together

Asteria is the first device that will start to collect and offer context based knowledge while serving your need to conscript and command the world around you. The device itself acts as a host that your personal software bot/agent can embody. Your agent will at once be able to communicate with devices via recipes to understand how interfaces and products work to create a result.

Devices can be used in a distributed fashion for large scale processing of what has or is being learned. Using adaptable / modular ontologies for a knowledge base of domain specific tasks and how and when they're performed, we're creating modular machine learning models that can be updated on the fly based on user input and expected output, so our bots/agents can learn together. One can think of this as an observation and extension of working second order cybernetics.

In order to build and share models and resources we've created a currency and blockchain called Stardust that all services and agents can participate in to drive the economy. We're using the blockchain to host smart contracts for relevant autonomous functions and services.

An exchange/marketplace of addressable interfaces and services will act as end-points for recipe input/outputs. A recipe is how something can be used, a contract is a promise, and a transaction is the execution and fulfillment of a contract. A recipe itself can act as an ingredient for other recipes, creating a contract chain. Predictive contract chaining, and emergent/intuitive chains are a piece of agency we're aiming to achieve while building out this AI.

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