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Common questions about Asteria and its products


Answering Your Questions

At Asteria, we want to be as open and transparent with you as we can as we continue to grow and evolve. With that transparency, we want to answer any questions or issues you may have. If you have any questions that are not answered in the sections below, please message us directly at

The Asteria Device

Who owns all the data - everything I hear and everything I see?

You do. We collect models to serve you. Any abstraction of that data will be private, and used to create general models.

Do you plan to make it open source and decentralized in the future?

Absolutely! We plan to make Asteria open source and heavily support decentralization out of the box. The software is extensible on both the device and platform. We want you to have the ability to fork the device to run whatever you want.

What's the business model?

The business model is very open, it is exactly what you see. Asteria will take transaction fees where applicable between machines, users, etc.

Could you flesh out what the advantages of a hardware solution are over having this on your phone?

One of the big advantages of building the Asteria device is we can control the experience from the beginning to end by creating a specialized device from the top down. Otherwise, we would be constricted to the medium and components of the phone or existing device.

I know this may seem far fetched but what are the risks Asteria developing emotions similar to Samantha from "Her"?

We have a very different view of what AI looks like and where it will fit in our daily lives. Any significant intelligence won't look human, and won't have the same hard coded biases we have.

AI like Asteria will communicate to you via an interface derived from models of understanding about you, that also may include mimicking emotion to come across as more expressive or relatable. This is why we see AI as being a companion for you.

When will I receive my Developer Kit?

We will be sending out the Black Swan Dev Kit v1 in ~Summer of 2017.

Why only 300 Developer Kits?

We decided to produce a limited number of the Black Swan Dev Kit v1 to create an intimate community through our first run. We’ll be opening up more units through following revisions of our first dev kit.

I think Asteria would be really interesting for use in one of my clients projects in the safety industry. Can it function intelligently without an internet connection when on a job site?

It's very possible. The local storage is significant enough, and you can create robust client-side applications/packages. So downloading, storing, and accessing a domain-specific knowledge base can be easily achieved. The APU is still being finalized but theoretically should be able to be used for any ANN acceleration that is required locally.

Why not use an existing mobile OS, or release a smartphone app?

We don’t want what we can do to be constrained by someone else’s implementation. We see Asteria’s AI bots as being able to one day easily embody and interact with your other devices as a kind of a surrogate or avatar -- a sort of ghost among your machines. To do this right we have to own the introductory experience top to bottom. Mobility is also a factor, as carrying this outside of the body requires something you just can't easily accomplish with a smartphone.

How is Asteria the world's first AI companion, and how is it different from current assistants?

If assistants do things for you, then companions are the next level. Companions live with you, understand you, and grow with you. They have autonomy, agency, etc. Asteria is delivering on a vision of ambient intelligence, by providing the intelligent foundation for a multi-agent collaborative / adaptive system. That is why Asteria is the world's first AI companion.

The Stardust Currency

What is Stardust?

Stardust is Asteria's digital currency and blockchain that can be used across any device and platform. Stardust is forked from Bitcoin and is excellent for low overhead high throughput transactions. The currency can be traded in open exchanges, mined, or just used for service transactions and payment.

The Community

Why are we called Asteria?

We wanted our product to invoke a sense of the stars, constellations, and dreaming. This theme reflects our interest in the work and ideas that make us wonder, question, and discover the magic that exists all around us. When we stumbled across Asteria from Greek mythology, the Titan goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars, just made sense. In turn, we were happy to represent that piece of magic falling from the heavens into our lives to give us new and unimaginable insight and knowledge.

How do I become an alpha test user?

For our initial alpha testers, we will be focusing on select markets. To be included in the selection process please sign up for our newsletter or purchase the Black Swan Devkit v1.

Are you hiring?

Yes we are, visit the careers page for open positions.

How can I promote Asteria?

Join us on social media or start your own Asteria Meetup Group in your city. Email us for more details at

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