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Voice Domains

Information about Audio / Voice Domains

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What are Voice Domains?

Voice Domains are how users will interact with your bot's products and services through Asteria. A Voice Domain is your reserved name in the audible bot-space. Now your service or product will have a name that anyone, from anywhere, can magically command with the sound of their voice.


Giving brands a new voice

We are paving the way for brands to be recognized by the sound of their name. Any command you can think of related to your product will be built into our Voice Domain Registry. Asteria's Voice Domain recipes allow “Audiobots” to control every action asked by a user.

"Uber - I need a ride to the airport"

"Yelp – What French restaurants are nearby?"

"Tesla – I need to schedule car maintenance"

But the real beauty of Asteria is letting users use multiple Voice Domain recipes at once. With the words "House – I'm coming home", every connected device in a person's home can be ready and waiting to be controlled, and your brand can be part of that world.

Audiobots available on launch

Google Uber Post Mates Lyft Amazon Twitter Slack Yelp My Fitness Pal The New York Times Salesforce

And many more!

To reserve your Voice Domain please fill out the form below.

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