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Information about the Asteria device


What is the Asteria Device?

Asteria is at first a hardware device host and interface to your personal artificial intelligent bot. From there, asteria can connect with any bot, command any service, and become a part of your life day to day. Asteria is extensible, which means you can develop for both the hardware and the software. Asteria learns who and what you are, and can also learn about its environment and the world around it. We use a blend of input and output sensors to add real context and value to intelligent data and software.

Hardware specs

We're using seriously powerful hardware: Quad-core 64-bit 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A53 processor chip, 8GB Memory, specialized AI/ML co-processing, rechargeable Ultra Thin Film Battery for long lasting power. Because we're still prototyping and listening to our community about what to build, these specs will most likely evolve over time.

AI Processing Unit

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are major themes of both the device and the company we're building. That's why we're outfitting your device with a dedicated mobile co-processor for creating and processing the data required for smarter voice, video interactions.

Capacitive Case

The device case is a capacitive multi-touch sensitive material. Detecting touches, taps and swipes to control navigating the Asteria experience.


The 8MP camera is used for collecting vision data for your companion. The camera sensor is a Sony Exmor IMX219 - and can capture 4K30, 1080P60, 720P180 video and can take 8MP still photography.

Sensor Specs

Asteria uses a blend of sensors to add real context and understanding to the data your device and bots will process. We use your Camera, Wifi, BlueTooth, GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Temperature, Barometer, and Microphone array sensors to feed and expand the data models used to run your companions.


Dimensions of the device: 35mm x 75mm x 5mm. We're striving to provide the most intuitive interface in both interaction and feel. Shrinking the physical form factor and footprint, yet keeping the balance of genuine feel and usability is our goal.

Software architecture

Our device is a GNU/Linux system that uses distributed multi-processing and priority queues. The back-end is a new platform for a bot service exchange/marketplace, ontologies, taxonomies, machine learning models, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency and blockchain transactions. We've combined all of these technologies to provide one integrated experience from voice, to bot, to product or service, and back.

Distributed architecture is the back-bone of what we're building. While your device sleeps, it will connect to the network and process data and mine Stardust to pay for itself.

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Pre-Orders for the Asteria Dev Kiv v1 are currently closed. But there's still hope! For a chance to order a device in the near future, join our waitlist below.

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