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Information about developing with the Asteria device and service

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About the Asteria platform

Asteria's device software is completely extensible so you can build modules and create something that lives on its own. In the back-end you can build world addressable bots, recipes to control and chain products and services, smart contracts, and blockchain transactions.

Taxonomies / Ontologies

We're creating ways for the universe's data to be stored, processed, and retrieved. Our first collection program, aptly named Collectors, gathers crowdsourced information about physical and geographic points of interest. As a developer you'll be able to issue Collector contracts and directives to gain insight from Collectors all around the world.

Distributed Architecture

When your device is being charged and at full capacity, it dreams to be a part of a community of devices gathering and processing machine models. By using this method we're able to solve down extremely complicated problems at scale, and in return your device's participation earns you Stardust, Asteria's cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Contracts

Using Stardust's Blockchain you're able to create Smart Contracts that provide a distributed ledger for autonomously allocating resources and services.


We've created Stardust - our own blockchain cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin, that can be used as an optional payment system in apps, bots, and services, by developers and users.


Bots are what at once were called agents, and are pieces of software that act as an interface to some product or service. Bots can talk to you, or one another. We're creating a platform where you can easily import any existing bot logic and unlock their true autonomous power. By using learned data about you and the world, we're creating personal bots that will become your life long companions.


Create recipes for your bot to interact and have some service or product perform some action. You'll be able to combine recipes into contracts, and chain contracts to perform more complicated tasks. As our system learns more about how systems interface, we'll be able to create a more autonomous interaction through artificial intuition.

Machine Learning

We're using machine learning to build models of products, services, and interactions. Build your own for contract, or contribute to the organic growth of models anywhere.

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Develop with Asteria

We are building a device and platform that is open to your discovery and development.

Asteria is currently open for early private testing. If you are interested in building domain recipes, apps, Audiobots, or hacking on the hardware, we would love to get your started.

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