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Information about the company we're creating


Our Purpose

Wouldn't it be great to finally understand ourselves? To understand where we fit in the universe? To talk to nature? To talk to the stars?

We're on a mission to create an artificial intelligence that sits between all things and acts as an interface to all these vast complex systems.

Asteria is the first step forward towards a world where autonomous, adaptive, and collaborative multi-agent systems work together to discover, catalog, parse, and retrieve working models of our world. We're re-inventing interfaces to the world around us to provide efficient models for the future of artificial intelligent agents that work for and with us to provide an on-demand efficient global autonomous logistics and supply chain.

Our core values are to observe, predict, and influence models of our world to help efficiently allocate and provide resources and insight for everyone.

In return you'll spend your life having a connected and trusted companion who will explore, discover, learn, and interpret with you while you grow.


The Future

We're going to keep creating open devices and services that help connect and understand the universe around them. We're going to keep exploring and answering the question of what's next?


Our Culture

We’re at the forefront of a new revolution, where magic meets building. The future rests at this place; where there are more possibilities and questions than answers. This is where all good things are born; this is the edge we’re leading. Because of this, we're working on creating an environment of learning and a space for creators and dreamers to realize the impossible together.

Meet the Asteria Team

Dan Gailey

Founder and CEO

Dan Gailey founded Asteria to help build the foundations for the next wave of artificial intelligence and human interaction. Prior to Asteria, Dan founded Baqqer, an online ecosystem that helps makers build community while sharing and launching products. Lead MakerMedia's efforts on their social platform MakerSpace, architected autonomous agents that normalized entities and built ontologies of human knowledge, and helped designed sensors for detecting nuclear weapons testing around the world, among other things.

Dan has additionally held an Entrepreneur in Residence position at the venture capital firm e.Ventures. While there he helped scout for emerging tech companies, offered advice in deal flow, and participated in planning company roadmaps and offerings. One of his main focuses was Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Dan has an Electrical Engineering degree, with a focus in autonomous robotics and digital signal processing, in addition to a Computational Chemistry degree.

Nathan Ross

Co-Founder and COO

As the co-founder of Asteria, Nathan has strived to bring the vision of Asteria to the real world from day one.

Nathan has over a decade of experience building and growing products. He has worked with consumer products, enterprise solutions, data-focused technology, and everything in-between. With a knowledge of design, development, marketing, and business management, Nathan's main goal is to understand the entire product experience.

Nathan's education includes degrees in Business Management, Business Marketing, and Advertising Art Direction with a focus on Interaction Art Direction.

Natalia Díaz Rodríguez, PhD

AI & Data Scientist and Advisor

Natalia has a passion for integrating human intelligence and social touch into Artificial Intelligence and robotics. She does this by using knowledge engineering, semantics, and heuristics. This in turn lets her achieve common-sense automatic reasoning in her work.

She has worked at CERN, Philips Research, and is currently working in data science at Stitch Fix. At Stitch Fix she blends her love for art and science within the human computation team, with Stitch Fix's Styling Algorithms.

Natalia holds a double PhD from the University of Granada (Spain) and Åbo Akademi University (Finland) in Human Activity Modelling and Recognition. She finds excitement in any technology that can empower and augment the way people focus on what is really meaningful, and what computers cannot currently do.

Marshall Hayner

Cryptocurrency Technical Advisor

Marshall Hayner is CEO of Metal Payments and has an extensive background with digital currency. Having started the first Facebook integrated bitcoin wallet “QuickCoin” in 2014, Marshall has worked on numerous digital currency projects since including: Dogecoin, Stellar, and more.

Eddie Smith

Autonomous Vehicles Mechanical Engineer Advisor

Eddie Smith is a mechanical engineer with a passion to apply design and electronics integration to create revolutionary hardware products. As a vehicle engineer, he has developed award-winning two and three wheeled motorcycle designs as well as the next generation of four wheeled electric vehicles.

Having executed the development of commodity manufactured products as well as innovative niche goods, Eddie's roadmaps have led to the production and sale of hundreds of thousands of products globally.

Eddie has a Mechanical Engineering degree and is currently obsessed with the confluence of machine vision, AI and controls systems allowing for the success of of autonomous vehicles.


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