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Information about being a Collector


What are Collectors?

Collectors are Asteria users who earn Stardust and help the system collect real world information, knowledge, and train models. We'll have seperate phases of types and roles of collection and training as the program develops.

What you'll be doing as a Collector

The first phase of Collecting is aggregating Point of Interest information about the world. You'll activate Asteria, jump into the collector's program, then take a photo, and describe a thing in the photo. For instance, stand in front of a mountain, and say mountain. Asteria will capture the photo, along with all other sensor information, location, temperature, etc. Asteria will upload this information and feed the network's Point of Interest data that will be able to be queried, searched and used for autonomous vehicles, drones, people, and bots. You'll be able to edit, confirm, and get rewarded for your collections in the web app.

Different phases of collection and confirmation will be rewarded differently. We're going to try to make this as simple as possible where all Point of Interest data collection is given some value of Stardust, with more desired places worth more currency, and currency also rewarded for confirmations by other Collectors.

Collecting data this way helps future applications understand how humans perceive and connect with resources and interfaces, as well as creating a knowledge base of people, places, things in the world around us. We're set on making this data as open and free as possible for developers to play with and use in their own way.

There will also be a global leaderboard, as well as a real-time stream of data collection that people can tap into.

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