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The Asteria Spirit

We're inquisitive and constantly searching to make technology work for us in new and interesting ways. We believe in what magic science and innovation can bring to the world. Join us and help build that future.

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Open Positions at Asteria

Machine Learning Hacker

Looking for a ML hacker interested in capturing and categorizing context based knowledge representations on a world-wide scale. You'll be working to figure out dimensionality problems as well as how/when/where data becomes relevant knowledge.

Embedded Systems Engineer

We're building the next-gen interface and want you to help build it with us.

Semantic / Meta Data Engineer

Want to figure out how to make the universe addressable/usable/configurable? So do we! Join up and tackle real problems facing gathering and categorizing the universe.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Join us and take all the models we're building and create something that intuits new and useful ways to connect them for emergent interactions and outputs.

Cybernetic Systems Engineer

Do you see the world as a complex system of complex systems? Adaptive and predictive multi-agent collaborative systems contracting and controlling services through transactions with one another through addressable interfaces? Join and help build the future!

API Engineer

Help build and connect the entire world as one big addressable API!

Blockchain Engineer

Building distributed blockchain applications? Know a thing or two about smart contracts? Join and help build out the infrastructure for the next generation of intelligent interfaces.

Conversational Theorist

Help define how Asteria creates and holds conversations.

Electrical Engineer

Take a lead role in the hardware development of the Asteria device's PCB layout, including architecture, design, implementation, testing, and documentation.

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