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Meet Asteria.
The world's first AI companion.


"A pocket-sized AI that sees everything you see, learns who you are, and anticipates your needs? Meet Asteria, the future of artificial intelligence."


What is Asteria?

Asteria is your artificial intelligent companion that you carry with you. It sees what you see, hears what you hear, takes in life as you do, and gets smarter all along the way.

Asteria connects the dots between your physical and digital life.

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how you will use asteria

How you'll use Asteria

Asteria awakens with a simple touch and waits for your voice commands. Ask about your schedule, order a self driving taxi, make an appointment, learn more about a topic, translate a language, or anything else you want. Asteria is here to help.

For more powerful controls you can tap into a community of device and service Recipes and Bots built to control your connected world through our Voice Domains. You can even help to map out the world and train models of understanding for your artificial intelligence through our Collectors program.

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Pre-Orders for the Asteria Dev Kiv v1 are currently closed. But there's still hope! For a chance to order a device in the near future, join our waitlist below.

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